If you’re starting a new business, the first thing you will pay particular attention to will be the logo and the brand image you intend to portray.

A brand cannot grow from the logo itself without a brand strategy behind it and that is sometimes where people can be complacent in creating and promoting their company brand. A business or organisation’s brand is a product of everything it can do and communicate. This obviously includes the logo design and branding materials, but there are also the advertising and public relations activities that it uses in an attempt to manage how the brand is perceived by it's audience. Customer experience through the quality of goods, staff behaviour and word of mouth are usually the key factors and these can all be reviewed and managed using specialist tools to track your company's progress in public opinion.

We stick to a working set of recognised brand guidlines which set a number of design rules when it comes to picking the right colours, fonts, images and layouts for logos and other brand elements that reinforce and consistent image to your market.

Our team of creative illustrators that understand the influence of brand presence will research into all areas of your business and make sure that we select the right colours and typeface that will make you stand out from the crowd. We only believe in original design meaning we will create your brand from scratch and you will never be mistaken for your competition.